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Diostudio offers Flex Banner Printing in Chennai, Vinyl Printing in Chennai. Flex Banner Printing Delivered in Just 15 Minutes. Various Types of Materials Normal Flex Banner Printing, Star Flex Banner Printing, Star Black Flex Banner Printing, Backlight Flex Banner Printing.

Diostudio Flex Banner Printing in Chennai owns production units and machineries so that all our customers can get the best value for money.

Diostudio Flex Banner Printing in Chennai We do have a select few essentials that we can turn around in just 24 hours.


Who We Are

Madras Prints
Our Online Flex Banner Printing Service. We are proud to introduce ourself as a 21st Century Printers. We use the latest state of art in printing techonology.


Why Madras Prints?
Madras Prints offers Flex Banner Printing in Chennai that saves your time and money.
Our state-of-the-art printing process gives the most color quality in the market today at the rock-bottom prices.
Once you've tried our online printing services you'll never go back, and that's why we confidently offer you our online printing @ Low Price Guarantee.
An array of options to choose from ranging for business cards, letter heads, notepads, stamps, brochures, flyers, billbooks etc that are customized as per your needs.

Srikanth and Suresh set up Diostudio in 2011 after realising there was a gap in the Indian market for a printer that offered fast turnaround times and a cost-effective, full colour service.

Both Sri and Suji had 10 years of print experience behind them and a great knowledge of the industry. Thanks to Sri’s management skills and Suji’s drive, Diostudio quickly became a success. Sri and Suji are the joint CEOs of Diostudio, and together they continue to push Diostudio forward.





We print high quality at favourable prices. To convince you of that we offer our Sample Pack free of cost! Order Our Sample Pack @ www.madrasprints.com

1000 Nos

Multicolor Business Cards


That's Rs.100 off regular price!


Starts @


Per Sq.Ft That's Rs.4 off regular price!

1000 Nos

A4 100 GSM Single Side


That's Rs.800/- off regular price!


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